Probate in Illinois

The Truth About Probate

Death of a loved one, especially when sudden or unexpected, is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times in someone’s life. During the initial grieving process, many individuals would like to focus on their emotional healing and reparation, rightfully so. Though death is by definition a physical and personal process, there are usually many things to handle outside of funeral preparations and any other memorial services. Regardless of the reason or cause, after someone’s death, there comes a period where determinations must be made about what is to become of this person’s belongings or assets. Many people think of this process as the time in which a will would be read, but the experience can often be a bit more extensive. Usually though, the legal handlings of someone’s death are not the immediate priority of family or loved ones who are under immense emotional duress. In order to alleviate some of that pressure, and assure that the process is done dutifully and in accordance with any local or federal regulations, it is important to contact an experienced attorney, with extensive understanding of the Illinois probate process. With years of experience in the industry, our firm has a sharp understanding on the best practices for closing the estate, analyzing property held in trust, and other key factors that often appear in a probate case. This can be a sensitive time in the lives of our clients, and we do our due diligence to ensure that all of our probate proceedings are handled with genuine compassion and care. From the initial consultation, we make ourselves available to clients throughout the litigation process. We truly stand on the principle that knowledge is power, and will do everything that we can to ensure that our clients are informed about their rights and options, and have a clear understanding of what to expect moving forward. Our approach is transparent, with a focus on honesty and individualized care. While every case is de=ifferent in each detail, we know that each and every client deserves the same level of respect and attention. All of our attorneys stand on and abide by the core foundations that our legal practice was founded on, driven by a genuine passion for advocating for families in their time of need. This work takes a lot of heart, and requires an extreme dedication to getting the job done, no matter what scenarios may come your way. Because of the level of preparation for uncertainty, and dutiful determination that these cases can require, many law firms end up avoiding probate cases all together. At the detriment of potential clients, some inexperienced attorneys put out haunting messages warning you about the probate process. By using scare tactics and horror stories of what could go wrong throughout the process, these predatory firms create a sense of urgency for clients, and rush them into rash deals that may not fully service their needs, rather than fully explaining their range of options to them, and ensuring that they feel confident in the decisions that their making, that will likely affect the lives of many of their loves ones in the long run. Creating a sense of desperation through the instillment of the fear of extra time and expense to convince you of the need for their services is not how we operate. Other firms see the families of deceased loved ones at their lowest emotional point, and understand their feelings of helplessness. They use their weakened state as a pain point and avenue to take advantage of these families, for the personal profit and benefit of the firm and its partners. We think this process is unjust, and do everything in our power to provide fair and competent representation and consulting as an alternative solution for the betterment of all parties involved in a probate process or other estate planning matter. At our local Illinois firm, Bassett & Gabriel Law Office, P.C., we pride ourselves on helping people by giving them honest, straightforward estate planning advice, with specific knowledge about probate in Illinois.

There are many reasons why the probate process has received an unfavorable reputation among the consensus of the general public at large. From what we have seen in our research, most people are scared of a long, drawn out process should someone’s estate go through probate, which is the legal process of settling financial matters and distributing assets after an individual’s death. Despite the wide variety of opinions and thoughts surrounding the probate process and what it can entail for families as they navigate through the passing of a loved one, and the legal responsibilities surrounding it, with the right guidance, the probate process can actually occur smoothly with little room for error. The truth is, probate in Madison County and other parts of southern Illinois is nothing to be afraid of or cause for concern.

Here’s why our legal team feels equipped and confident to handle these types of cases for our clients, even when other firms may shy away from taking on such an immense responsibility:

  • It’s a straightforward process that gives administrators or executors of wills peace of mind during a difficult time.
  • It cuts off any potential or existing claims from all creditors after a six-month period.
  • When you seek the assistance of the Bassett & Gabriel Law Office, most probate matters do not require for you to appear in court (whether being held in person or virtually) at all. We can, and are happy and more than willing to, appear on your behalf to alleviate yet another potential stressor from your life, in what we know is already a difficult time for you and your loved ones as you process the death of someone close to you.

Here’s How We Can Help With Probate Administration

If a loved one has recently passed away, we can assist you and your family in administering the estate. We handle every part of the probate process, including:

  • Accounting for and liquidating assets
  • Meeting tax obligations
  • Managing outstanding debts

We can analyze wills for any potential legal problems to determine if a probate attorney is necessary in your case.

Serving as administrator or executor is very scary to a lot of people. But we can help simplify the process. We work with the administrator and handle all matters for them, making the responsibility placed on your shoulders worry-free.

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