Estate Planning FAQ

Answering Your Estate Planning Questions

Whether you are making your first foray into estate planning or you need to update your plan to reflect a major change in your circumstances, you likely have questions. At Bassett & Gabriel Law Office, P.C., our experienced attorneys have the answer you are looking for.

“Do I really need an estate plan?”

You are not required to have an estate plan, but it is the best way to make sure your wishes are honored and your loved ones are taken care of. Dying without a will may not affect you, but your loved ones will be left dealing with the legal and financial fallout while government employees with no knowledge about your will be left to make decisions about your estate according to Illinois’ intestate succession statutes.

“What happens if I am sick or injured?”

The potential of incapacitation is why it is so crucial to have a power of attorney as part of your estate plan. A power of attorney for property will designate someone to pay your bills and manage your financial affairs, while a power of attorney for healthcare will designate someone to make decisions about your healthcare.

“What if I don’t have a power of attorney?”

When someone who is 18 years or older can no longer make decisions about financial or other matters, it becomes necessary to establish a guardianship. This process is much more complex and costly than having a power of attorney designated in advance.

“I’m still young. Do I need a will?”

Life is unpredictable and you’ll be old before you know it. It is a good idea for people of all ages to have a will. Life milestones such as marriage or the birth of a child are a great time to make sure you have a will in place.

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